Image: People Eating Pizza

The Fly Guys Pizza Story

Legend has it that Luciano Rosso and Frederico Moretti first crossed paths just before a skydiving jump near the Italian city of Naples. As they ascended to more than 13,000 feet, they discovered their shared passion for PIZZA! They agreed that life was too short not to follow the dough. Luciano jokingly proposed that they should make pizza for a living. Frederico, standing at the airplane’s open door, looked at Luciano and yelled, “If we shake hands on our way down, you have a deal!” The rest is history. Luciano and Frederico set out to share their passion for pizza with the world. Their Italian pies are made with 100% real cheese and the finest ingredients on a golden crust — certain to give you an authentic Italian rush with every bite. Fly Guys Pizza — VIVI LA VITA!

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